The Late Innings shares music industry mini-drama "Last Resort" with Spill Magazine


The new single from The Late Innings is a music industry mini-drama. “‘Last Resort’ is about the manager of a rock star who needs to extricate his client from a precarious situation,” says Vincent Sinex. “The long-suffering manager, who has come to rescue of the rock star time and time again, is once again put to the test when the police call upon him to deal with the star, a just-past-his-prime rocker who has holed himself up in the top floor suite of a building that is set to be demolished.” Listen now via The Spill Magazine.


The Late Innings to release late 80's / early 90's influenced "Wild Places," Sept. 6th


Is Vincent Sinex a pseudonym?

It may be hard to convince you otherwise after listening to Wild Places, Sinex’s upcoming new solo album as The Late Innings, out Sept. 6th. The Los Angeles native’s music sounds like his name. It rides that edge of time when the late 1970s became the early 1980s. When pop became new wave. When AM became FM.

“I have been recording since my early 20’s when I first got a four-track cassette recorder, a couple of guitars and a drum machine,” Sinex says. “I was inspired by the performances in the 1982 concert film ‘Urgh! A Music War,’ which captured the energy, intensity, and diverse sounds of 80’s new wave bands. When I saw groups like XTC, Magazine, and Echo and The Bunnymen in that film, it made me want to pick up a guitar and try to make that kind of music myself.”