Simone White re-visits "The Beep Beep Song;" Preps new full-length for fall release


In 2007, Simone White’s just-shy-of-two-minutes tune “The Beep Beep Song” became the soundtrack for the Audi® R8 campaign, bringing the song to millions of ears, generating countless cover versions, remixes, and over a million views of White’s homemade music video (budget: $30.) The latest Audi® campaign launched this spring celebrates the ten year anniversary of the Audi® R8’s V10 engine and the “The Beep Beep Song” soundtracks the campaign once again, with an all-new string-accompanied recording of the song to be released as a single on Aug. 2nd. Simone White's new full-length Letter To The Last Generation follows this fall on Oct. 18th.

From the desert town of Landers, California comes new duo LANDROID


Cooper Gillespie (vocals, guitar, bass) and Greg Gordon (drums, sequences) of LANDROID are veteran performers that have traveled the world as professional musicians. Now they live in the California town of Landers. Population: 2,632.

The music that Gillespie and Gordon are making as LANDROID, so named as a reference to their new home, is as vast as the environment in which it was created.

Influences on the Imperial Dunes sound include: David Lynch, David Bowie, outer space, X, Cocteau Twins, William Blake, Blade Runner, Led Zeppelin, Buddy Rich, scuba diving, Portishead, Pink Floyd, Angela Carter, the ocean.

Following years of playing variations on the Los Angeles-based punk and rock hybrid, Gillespie and Gordon settled in a desert land and became a desert band. The duo’s debut album Imperial Dunes arrives on Sept. 13th via their own Mojave Beach Records label.

Reno's BLUNDERBUSST returns from five-year hiatus with new EP on Aug. 9th


The 15-year career of the noisy, Reno, Nevada-based shoegaze-pop band BLUNDERBUSST has included more time off than on. The group sticks to an edict of not only letting the songs be what they want, but also when they want. The band formed in 2005, released its first album in 2010, and a follow-up EP in 2014.

Essentially, BLUNDERBUSST makes music when the time is right, and that time has arrived again as the band returns with a new EP this summer. Songwriter Jen Scaffidi (vocals, guitar), Carolyn Gates (drums), and Carson Cessna (guitars/synths) will release “Monarch of the Mountain,” which may or may not precede its next vacation, on Aug. 9th via San Antonio’s Slow Start Records. The six-song collection will be available digitally and as a 2x7”.

The Late Innings to release late 80's / early 90's influenced "Wild Places," Sept. 6th


Is Vincent Sinex a pseudonym?

It may be hard to convince you otherwise after listening to Wild Places, Sinex’s upcoming new solo album as The Late Innings, out Sept. 6th. The Los Angeles native’s music sounds like his name. It rides that edge of time when the late 1970s became the early 1980s. When pop became new wave. When AM became FM.

“I have been recording since my early 20’s when I first got a four-track cassette recorder, a couple of guitars and a drum machine,” Sinex says. “I was inspired by the performances in the 1982 concert film ‘Urgh! A Music War,’ which captured the energy, intensity, and diverse sounds of 80’s new wave bands. When I saw groups like XTC, Magazine, and Echo and The Bunnymen in that film, it made me want to pick up a guitar and try to make that kind of music myself.”

L.A.-based jazz vocalist to release debut album "Interior Person" Sept. 13th


Samantha Sidley is a jazz vocalist from L.A. and she likes girls. “I Like Girls” is the first song, first single, and the first words you’ll hear on Sidley’s debut album Interior Person, out Sept. 13th from Release Me Records. The album features songs written for Sam by some of her favorite women: Inara George, Alex Lilly, and Sam's wife, Barbara Gruska. Check out an impromptu performance of "I Like Girls" below (foot to fax machine at 2:33!) The official "I Like Girls" single drops June 21st.