LANDROID is a Grimy Goods "Hot Band Alert;" See desert duo's "Yellow Sea" video now


LANDROID is a Grimy Goods "Hot Band Alert," and not just because they're from the desert. "The track and accompanying video is an ode to the odyssey of the afterlife—or at least whatever comes next. Between Gillespie’s haunting croons, which puncture in sublime fashion through the melancholy and wonder of the film... and Gordon’s otherworldly melodics, LANDROID split-the-difference somewhere between Pink Floyd and Beach House."


LANDROID's "Yellow Sea" video is "inspired by the desolation and isolation of the desert;" See it now at MXDWN


Described by MXDWN today as "inspired by the desolation and isolation of the desert," the vast sound of LANDROID now has a fantastic visual accompaniment. The music video for "Yellow Sea" is more like a short film. Be on the lookout for the Imperial Dunes full-length out Sept. 13th.


From the desert town of Landers, California comes new duo LANDROID


Cooper Gillespie (vocals, guitar, bass) and Greg Gordon (drums, sequences) of LANDROID are veteran performers that have traveled the world as professional musicians. Now they live in the California town of Landers. Population: 2,632.

The music that Gillespie and Gordon are making as LANDROID, so named as a reference to their new home, is as vast as the environment in which it was created.

Influences on the Imperial Dunes sound include: David Lynch, David Bowie, outer space, X, Cocteau Twins, William Blake, Blade Runner, Led Zeppelin, Buddy Rich, scuba diving, Portishead, Pink Floyd, Angela Carter, the ocean.

Following years of playing variations on the Los Angeles-based punk and rock hybrid, Gillespie and Gordon settled in a desert land and became a desert band. The duo’s debut album Imperial Dunes arrives on Sept. 13th via their own Mojave Beach Records label.