Oliver Kennan leads his band through "The One" in new music video at Groundsounds


GroundSounds is giving high praise to the new Oliver Kennan video for latest single “The One,” saying “Impressive is an understatement. The video is a cool look inside the studio, with a fantastic ensemble performance. Kennan’s crisp, soulful vocals are a welcome throwback, guiding the feel-good track. If this is what we can expect from his upcoming album Oh Boy, we’re in for a treat.” Debut album arrives from Hornblow Recordings on May 10th.

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Chris Welch & The Cicada Killers share "Borrowed Repertoire" music video


“Filled with an echoing Southern sway and groove-infused melodies. The band deftly melds brash electric guitar, bursts of sax and bouts of country-rock movements into a cohesive musical point of view. As unique as it is infectious.” Kind words from The Southern Sounding about the funny music video for "Borrowed Repertoire" by Chris Welch & The Cicada Killers. New album Shook is out now from Goliad Media Group.

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J Hacha De Zola drops "Super Squeaky" video at Pancakes and Whiskey


New video from J Hacha De Zola, out today. "We could throw comparisons out to other artists/bands/genres around at this point, but firmly believe J Hacha De Zola sits at his own, most likely oddly shaped table," says Pancakes and Whiskey. "Starting and finishing with a wallowing saxophone and wavering guitars 'Super Squeaky' has a disjointed, yet sneaky and bluesy backbeat that snakes around the emotional vocals and storytelling." New album Icaro Nouveau out this Friday.

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