Reno's BLUNDERBUSST returns from five-year hiatus with new EP on Aug. 9th


The 15-year career of the noisy, Reno, Nevada-based shoegaze-pop band BLUNDERBUSST has included more time off than on. The group sticks to an edict of not only letting the songs be what they want, but also when they want. The band formed in 2005, released its first album in 2010, and a follow-up EP in 2014.

Essentially, BLUNDERBUSST makes music when the time is right, and that time has arrived again as the band returns with a new EP this summer. Songwriter Jen Scaffidi (vocals, guitar), Carolyn Gates (drums), and Carson Cessna (guitars/synths) will release “Monarch of the Mountain,” which may or may not precede its next vacation, on Aug. 9th via San Antonio’s Slow Start Records. The six-song collection will be available digitally and as a 2x7”.