Brooklyn-based band Tolani to release cathartic debut album on June 14th


The self-titled debut album by Tolani, a Brooklyn-based five-piece led by the band’s namesake, Sameer Tolani, is out on June 14th.

This record is raw in many ways.

In its personal lyrics, candid production techniques, and cathartic vocal and instrumental performances that speak openly to the brutal honesty and authenticity of this record.

Tolani makes no issue about coming to the songwriting and record-making game with more passion than practical experience. It’s what makes the album so charming, frankly.

“I have a limited palette, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. The music that comes out is an expression of how I’m feeling, and letting it out is like therapy for me.”

In this way, Tolani’s songs can remind of John Lennon’s “primal scream” period, albeit with less screaming.

“Songwriting inspired the changes I’d been longing for. This record began as a coping mechanism and ended up as catharsis.”