Cotton Mather live in Studio 1A at KUTX, Austin


Check out the set Cotton Mather performed in Studio 1A at KUTX 98.9 in Austin last week. Bonus material: This Friday, look out for the release of a NoiseTrade sampler of nine tracks culled from the band's massive "Songs From The I Ching" project to write 64 songs, one for each hexagram of the I Ching, which band leader Robert Harrison calls "an extraordinary book about ordinary life."


First single from Cotton Mather's upcoming "Wild Kingdom" premieres via Popmatters


Here's the latest single from Cotton Mather over at PopMatters! "Better Than A Hit" is from Wild Kingdom, out April 7th (and available at Waterloo Records in Austin ahead of that.) It's the second “Songs From The I Ching” collection, marking 30 of 64 tracks available. Cotton Mather supports Spoon at SXSW on March 15th!