Effusive praise from BLURT for J Hacha de Zola's "Antipatico" and lathe-cut session.


"Possibly the wildest record I've heard all year. A compelling all-over-the-map collision of jazz, blues, show tunes, garage rock, and Latino flavors. At points, hypnotic, cinematic, lush, and dissonant—but there’s no question that it is also a challenging, at times daunting, listen." BLURT Magazine ringing in with effusive praise for J Hacha de Zola.

Source: http://blurtonline.com/review/j-hacha-de-z...

Stephen Doster earns 3-1/2 stars from Austin Monthly


"Drawing from his relationships with Texas legends — Townes Van Zandt and comedian Bill Hicks — he writes personally about lost friends," says Austin Monthly in its review of Stephen Doster's just-released new album, adding, "Ultimately New Black Suit is an extended eulogy filled with an appreciation for life."

Source: http://www.austinmonthly.com/AM/September-...