Hear new tune by Phil and the Osophers now via Relix


Brooklyn’s Phil and the Osophers, essentially the one-man project of Phil Radiotes, has dropped a new single “Bee Liner,” which is available via the current Relix Magazine sampler, and on all streaming services. The forthcoming music video for the tune promises to be epic.

"The video makes use of the Fairlight CVI, “an amazing, long lost video synthesizer from the 80s,” Radiotes says.

Furthermore, while explaining more about the Fairlight CVI, Radiotes casually mentions the following: “I was first introduced to it when I was super young.  I did a music service video to Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad.’

Naturally, this footage has now been dragged out of retirement.

“I have to brace for the reaction to it,” Radiotes says. “That video has been put on at family events, to my embarrassment. But I guess it’s the perfect companion piece to ‘Bee Liner,’ so perhaps it’s time to have it out there.”

Source: https://relix.com/articles/detail/heres-ou...