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Fanatic's core concentration lies in the area of Publicity which incorporates contact with national and regional print publications, online editorial, blogs, non-commercial radio and an assortment of other industry tastemakers. Josh Bloom is also available for Consultation sessions, where he can bring 20 years of music industry experience to conversations about big picture career goals down to the finer details of image making, team building, branding and so on.

"Why Fanatic?"

Josh is passionate about music, but also about the music industry.  As such, he's already been thinking about your campaign before your first conversation. This is an important distinction when it comes to choosing who will be an advocate for your art in a sea of art advocates.

Coming to the table with a great recording is paramount, but the definition of "great" is subjective.  Josh works with his artists to clarify their unique story and that of their work. He then can effectively relate those qualities to a broad spectrum of listeners, and in this case, that's the editor, journalist, radio programmer, DJ, etc.  

Josh always endeavors to work with artists that he believes can impact an audience beyond genre lines. There is too much of a reliance on scenes and trends in today's world of music and music journalism.  Fanatic keeps it fresh so it doesn't keep getting stale.

"How about the nuts and bolts?"


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All campaigns start by fine tuning your message via a bio that sheds light on the artist's background and the project. Picking a track to focus on is next, and finding a compatible partner to debut the song leads into creating a targeted mailing list to receive an advance copy of the project.  We'll then begin to release information and music to our expansive database of contacts in order to introduce the record with all of the necessary information and tools needed to effectively cover the work.

This is just the beginning of our communications, as press releases are modified and honed throughout the campaign as new coverage comes to light, new album tracks are focused on, videos are produced, tours are booked, etc.  Meanwhile, personalized follow-up is taking place with our closest contacts that have received a promo package (be it physically or digitally). We push (gentle, persistent nudges, really) to get a busy person to click and listen.

Consistent communication with you is a key to success, as well.  New ideas and approaches are discovered throughout the course of the campaign and reporting of results in real time contributes to maintaining enthusiasm and morale. Remember, at the outset, it may be only you and your publicist or small team that are the passionate parties, so it is important to pool that energy in order for it to spill out to the rest of the world.

"Any final words?"


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As explained above, the core of a Fanatic publicity campaign is in discovering what makes the product (in this case, your music) special, taking the recordings that represent that thing you do that no other artist can, and distilling that discovery down to an economy of words that will stick long enough to get your song heard.  Once that happens, Fanatic's organization, passion and perseverance continues to back up, and get tangible results for the art that you have created.

"I'm sold! How do I get in touch with Josh?"


Contact Josh Bloom at josh@fanaticpromotion.com for more information.