About Josh Bloom

Since the inception of Fanatic Promotion in 1997, founder Josh Bloom has established a reputation as a passionate artist advocate, and Fanatic as a taste making and sales driving agency. Josh's music industry experiences in that time have helped keep him true to his conviction that nothing has as much meaning as the relationship between the listener and the song.

Today, Fanatic campaigns continue to be strategized and administered top down by Josh, who has had pleasure of seeing artists such as My Morning JacketSteve Earle, The Avett BrothersMiranda JulyThe Decemberists, Portugal. The ManSleater-Kinney, Emmy® winner David Klotz of Dream System 8, Grammy® winner Mark Bryan, and Oscar® nominees Sufjan Stevens and Jóhann Jóhannsson, appear on the Fanatic roster over the years..

We all know how much just one song can affect us. It continues to be Josh's aim to create those moments - as a fan and as Fanatic.


Josh occasionally writes songs, and was honored when Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney and "Portlandia" fame wrote about his song "Cancel My Subscription," which he composed hoping Katy Perry would sing it. (The song eventually got all the way to her "people!") Read about and hear it here.

Josh had an NYC-based cable access TV show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network called "Through Being Cool" in the mid-1990's!  Watch a few episodes here (no judgments about era-compliant hairstyles, please.)

In 2010, Josh co-founded Fanatic Records, a boutique record label distributed by Caroline/Universal. To date, Fanatic Records has released albums and EPs by Lachi, The Shondes, Shunda K, The Superions, Red Wanting Blue, Charlie Belle, and Matt Bennett. Learn more about the label here.