Jeanne Vomit-Terror

Jeanne Vomit-Terror




Empire Waste is the first full-length from the enigmatic avant-garde chanteuse Jeanne Vomit-Terror, co-founder (alongside Ed Sunspot) of the Resonant Hole collective that spawned acts such as Idiot Glee, Street Gnar, The Teenagers Responsible, and Silverware, as well as the cult film “What Is a Hole?

Though sparse, Vomit-Terror’s discography is eclectic, encompassing electro-pop (“Mirror School,” which boasts a suitably trashy Robert Beatty music video), Italo disco (“The Seat of Same,” touted by Rub N Tug and Mike Simonetti, remixed by the latter), and industrial noise (The Quixotrix Tapes).

The eight songs that comprise Empire Waste showcase Vomit-Terror’s fearless weirdness and pop ingenuity. “Jokes Come True” wheels a sleek dystopian Drexciya groove into a joyous, synthetic Gloria Estefan refrain. “Lost in Luxury” juxtaposes a soaring anthemic chorus that wouldn't be out of place on a Ke$ha B-side with turbulent analog riffage straight out of Hardcore Devo: Volume One.

She rips black metal guitar solos over minimal house, climaxes a pop epic with the first straight-faced industrial rap since Pretty Hate Machine, and gives Thinking Fellers Union Local 282’s “Tell Me” the “Jellybean” Benitez treatment, all the while cooing, moaning, and growling her Dadaist screeds, exhorting (or else, demanding) the listener to “close the door on reality forever!” 

About Jeanne Vomit-Terror’s previous 12-inch “The Seat of Same”:

Jeanne Vomit-Terror and Ed Sunspot introduce ‘The Seat of Same’. This twosome come from Resonant Hole, a ‘a mutant collective cultivating dream-reality damaged audio-visual spew blurring the lines between what is.’ The 12-inch opens with the title track. A slow beat pushes forward an eerie and unsettling organ melody. It’s hard to affix a genre to the sound. Post punk meeting Synth Wave and Electro Disco or some such, you get the drift. Vocals finally arrive, lamenting with angst. In this strange brew of styles it’s hard to forge comparisons but to compartmentalize, Indie Wave Horrorshow is where I’m going to pin my collar. The press release may sum it up, ‘abominable act of transgressing the horizon into the infant sky-desert.’ Carl Calm’s ‘Gulf Night’ mix follows. The tempo is further reduced with some of the more peculiar moments being eclipsed for a slow piece of late night mirrorball lounge. Mike Simonetti is on hand for the final take on the original. The man from Italians Do It Better expands on the Electro Disco undercurrents, echoing vocals and upping the beats. The lyrics are further drawled to produce a catchy and clever interpretation of the opening collage.” - Robbie Geoghegan, Igloo Magazine


Press Quotes:

It’s hard to affix a genre to the sound. Post punk meeting Synth Wave and Electro Disco or some such. Indie Wave Horrorshow is where I’m going to pin my collar.
— Igloo
Boogie shoes not included, but strongly recommended.
Jeanne Vomit-Terror  by Chad Stockfleth.  Click for hi-res.

Jeanne Vomit-Terror by Chad Stockfleth. Click for hi-res.

Empire Waste   cover art by Robert Beatty.  Click for hi-res.

Empire Waste cover art by Robert Beatty. Click for hi-res.