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“One of our favorite records is Hounds of Love by Kate Bush,” explains Joseph Andreotti, who along with his wife Jenny, comprises the Bakersfield, California-based duo, Fawns of Love. “We wanted a name that would pay homage to that record.” Fawns of Love will release its debut album Who Cares About Tomorrow on March 3rd, 2017, preceded by the single and video for the song “That’s What We Do”.

It’s not the first time the Andreottis have chosen a band name. Married for 13 years, and performing together for 16, the duo has variously recorded and toured throughout that time under the names Funeral Club and Peppermint Kisses, releasing records with RCRD LBL, Plastiq Musiq, and several others along the way. Then, in early 2013, Jenny enrolled in a history graduate program.

“It was the first time since knowing each other that we didn’t make music together,” Joseph says. “But when she graduated last spring, we became anxious to start making music again.”

This time, the Andreottis were inspired to do something new with their latest musical inspiration, bringing their love of not only Ms. Bush, but also Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, Blur, Pulp, Slowdive, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and The Chills to the new project.

And Sparks. In Jenny’s case, lots of Sparks.

“To prepare for this album, I listened to every era of Sparks every chance I got,” she says. “What did I learn? That there is only one Sparks, so I better find a voice that works for me. I must say I am pleased with the results.”

Indeed, Fawns of Love takes all of these legendary sounds, which some immediately think of as cold or aloof, and makes them pop with overtones of The Smiths, New Order, and the undeniable warmth that comes from the Andreotti’s many years of making music together.

Did we mention Sparks?

“Two of the eight songs are homages to Russell Mael of Sparks,” Joseph confesses.

Obviously, there is obsessive joy in the Fawns of Love take on shoegaze. That said, there is also self-reflection that contributes to taking these songs to the next level, especially on the autobiographical single “That’s What We Do,” which contains the lyric, “Let’s drink and drink some more, We’ll burn this place down to the floor.”

Jenny is candid about the personal song, explaining, “I have never had a lot of friends, I’ve had a lot of acquaintances. However, during the past few years I have made some dear friends that I have fallen completely in love with. We get drunk on the weekends, get loud, and have a fantastic time together to the detriment of absolutely everyone around us.”

Joseph has his own take on this theme of overcoming alienation, saying, “It’s a tribute to a city that is notorious for being on every “worst of” list – worst air pollution, least literate, most DUIs – and making the best of it, finding a little oasis of friends, going out on the weekends, and forgetting about your problems.”

In fact, the entire record is a little oasis itself. Pondering love, and love lost in the many forms it takes, Who Cares About Tomorrow, the debut album from Fawns of Love (March 3rd, 2017), does the diva that inspired the band’s name, and all of the notable influences heard throughout, quite proud. The album’s first single and music video for “That’s What We Do” are streaming now.


Press Quotes:

Drifts along dreamily.
The soft gauze of Cocteau Twins and Slowdive. Perfectly woozy.
Captures turmoil through impenetrable sonic textures and emotionally thick lyrics.
— Atwood Magazine
There is obsessive joy in the Fawns of Love’s take on shoegaze.
— The Big Takeover
Dream pop perfection.
— When The Sun Hits
Could become your favorite band.
— The Blog That Celebrates Itself
Fawns of Love (L-R): Jenny Andreotti. Joseph Andreotti. Photo credit: Joseph Andreotti.

Fawns of Love (L-R): Jenny Andreotti. Joseph Andreotti. Photo credit: Joseph Andreotti.

Fawns of Love (L-R): Jenny Andreotti. Joseph Andreotti. Photo credit: Joseph Andreotti.

Fawns of Love (L-R): Jenny Andreotti. Joseph Andreotti. Photo credit: Joseph Andreotti.

Who Cares About Tomorrow cover art. Click for hi-res.

Who Cares About Tomorrow cover art. Click for hi-res.